Space Fish

by acousticRiffer

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    Follow up to the critically claimed "Psychedelic Boobs"




Much more ambient / psychedelic folk sound than the previous record. This was recorded October of 2010 deep in the woods of Pittsburgh PA. I really enjoyed making this record and highly suggest listening to it on headphones so you can hear its many layers. Listen in a dark room for added effect. Enjoy and please spread the music around.



released January 1, 2011

All music written & created by acousticRiffer

Guitars on this record:
Fender Standard American Telecaster
Takamine EG530SC

Vocals recorded using "Blue Mic" Snowball Microphone

Thanks to M-Audio for your fabulous components without which this record couldn't have been made.

*Update 4/1/11
Thanks to everyone who has downloaded this - I've gotten over 100 downloads which is more than I could have ever asked for. New music coming soon....



all rights reserved


acousticRiffer Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

acoustic, folk, hip-hop, psychedelic sandwich...hold the mayo.

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Track Name: Annie Talks, He Waits
Annie talks, he waits
She brings up the forgotten
The lost and the unwanted
As she stops, he says
That what she says is wrong and that everything else is dumb
He told, "Annie you swore me that you'd wait."
She said she'd tell him before today
That she felt lost
And he told her, "Annie you know that this is something that I could have hoped to know just two days ago"
Just to let you know
Last night she saw
His face
In a dream about her mom
Reminded her of what she'd lost
As she fought, the disgrace
That leads her to her nerves
They keep on coming up in thirds
And he told her, "Annie you know I've lived for nothing back in city streets, burned out, day walking. But you don't try"
And she told him,
"Understand me its not the same, we come from two very different places"
But he felt not
Track Name: Gossip
Dancing in the autumn leaves
Crazy like she wants to be
Knows not about everything
But leaves that up to me
In winter's belly we can feel the sky
We trip to fall and get six feet high
When the wind blows by it speaks to me
Bringing banter, gossip, and dreams
I know that we're not perfect
So I wish for something perfect
'Cause I've got a little secret on Jen
And I know that I'm not crazy
But I'm pretty fucking lazy
As far as I know she 'aint got shit on me
Criss crossing through puddles and trees
Jen is wading next to me
Starts dancing and splashing the rain
Her life, her fire, she can't contain
In June we'll know how sweet it was
If God is laughing up above
Or if in the end both God and Jen don't realize I played the joke on them
Sifting through her clothes she sees
In skirts and shirts and collared tees
The names and faces of all the dreams
She once felt she needed to succeed
Throws them away with a grin she says,
"Now lets see who needs to pretend. My life, my dreams, I don't need to defend. They're mine not yours, I'll dream 'til I'm dead"
Track Name: Couldn't Believe
I couldn't believe that I could breathe without you
This somber day keeps me awake
As I've been dreaming of dreams that just couldn't be
I was wrong
Oh Sylvia sing a song to me
I think you know which one, the one I love
From our lips slip our finger tips to our hearts
But can I never say a grace?
A poem or a thought to the wrecking course
Of the things you said were fun
The tequila taste and what a face
Can't spare me a part of my heart
To be the love of everyone
And I stop to breathe a little
Still that pretty sweet face has a mocking taste
When I kiss her she stands still
Creeping swaying past the sweet looking glass
When I stop about face and begin the chase
You've got a new sensation, something great
That'll make me feel so sweet and understood
But if you can see that you and me
We've got a little bit of something that you couldn't believe
It'll have you singing that "It's all good"
It's all just good? Hell, I know
Rock me like a shooting star
Taking the wishes straight from your heart
And then write them into a song
I'll be your fool playing the guitar
Panhandling, rambling site of man
With no sense of failure but no master plan
Well I don't know what makes me bitter
But I always feel sweet hearing your heat beat
I got the makings of a sinner
Please show me the way, hell I'm losing my way
Track Name: The Scene
Well hey there listener
I'm your visitor
To this mind and soul
To lift your cheer and make you hear
That life's about the bowl
So if you're worried
Just please come hurry
Sit down and see just why
The lives we lead and the air we breathe
May not be so defined
We got kids so hungry they sniff glue so lonely
Thinking, "This is all life can be"
While we sit wondering if its safe to worry about, "How thin is Miss Jolie"?
But when I'm here it feels so real, I write it down every night
Or at least when I can, I'm not a wordsy man
But I fake it for the ladies all right
And I know that you're looking for
Anything that's comfortable
Well I'm just trying to be me
And I'll see your back on every single street
When I'm drunk and drifting through the scene
Well all these waters and no harbour
Oh how life can be
When all that's holy keeps bathrooms rolling
And life can be a beach
But when she's singing, it keeps me thinking
That I could be a priest
If only love came from up above just like yours Miss Lovely
Oh sweet sounding serendipity, please feed me all your lore
The whispers sent by stories went straight down into my core
Your eyes are bright, like blue moonlight
I'm speechless and in awe
We both just laugh, then take a chance
But life can be so hard
Track Name: Alex
Alex told me yesterday
That love was just a game she played
When there was nothing more on TV
I said Honey I know where you come from
Your lights are on but your man aint got none
and she still wipes the tears on her sheets
And baby its OK
he'll make it up to you one day
in a big fat trashy bride he found in LA
He'll wish he'd never lied
He'll wish he still had you by his side
and the best revenge is living a long and happy life
Alex told me yesterday
That a kiss means more than what you men say
and i disagreed but really she was right
She said a kiss should be like a warm summer rain
Its nice to be held inside by a friend
and I asked her to show me her theory
and baby its so lame
Our lives can show us the strangest things
Even get it really wrong a thousand times
But its worth it if just once
Out of a thousand birds you find that one dove
That keeps your soaring all night long
Track Name: The Sands of Time
Tonight we drive down the dusty roads of anywhere
The desert dawn is busting out and the fever wind is blowing your hair
We kept our secrets long enough, but the situations never clear
We'll drive a little further down and hope that the Answers come on here

So whatever you thought you thinked it was
I couldn't believe it when i saw
That angels could drink 3 shots of gin
Then a shot of whiskey and fly again

I tossed you back a sweater and you put it on
We've both said nothing since 100 miles back when you We were drunk

Kisses that i never took
Were never the problems, just the looks
That you gave me when a lady gave came by asking me To sing her a lullaby
Keeping things at a different pace
I thought i could fix things but in my haste
I ruined our love and a little girls name
I'm sorry i promised anything...

The sands of time pay no mind to a precedent
What you said maybe right but I don't think that you really meant it

You said it once, and now I'll say it again
Not everyone's happy with a picket fence
This hunk of junk that drives me by
Takes me home somewhere down the line
I don't need all these insecurities
That bind a man and makes soul bleed
This hunk of junk that drives us by
Will get us down the sands of time