Psychedelic Boobs

by acousticRiffer

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Special Thanks to JDP The Future, Benji and Haaanah for their contributions in making these songs possible.

All Songs Written and Performed by acousticRiffer (unless otherwise noted)
Track 1 contains clips from "Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory"
Track 3 contains clips from "Superbad","Borat","Grandma's Boy"
Track 4 contains clips from "Scarface"
Track 6 contains clips from "The Rock","Face/Off"
Track 9 contains clips from "Knocked Up","Half Baked","Blades of Glory"


released January 29, 2010



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


acousticRiffer Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

acoustic, folk, hip-hop, psychedelic sandwich...hold the mayo.

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Track Name: Solo Cup
She's got an artsy style
and a snowflake around her neck
she tosses me a smile
and i kick right back again
she talks to me about being young
as Ryan Adams sings it in that "Old School" song
As one of sinks it in that solo cup

show me, and ill try to do better
only cause im glad that i met her
lonely, only if i let her
go no i can do better

everybodys lifted in their own special way
everybodys singing everybodys safe
people round in circles slapping music through the night
if anyone can fix this then i don't wanna be right

Every single whisper goes through every single wall
No matter what you think no little tidbit is too small
While the ladies always please, all the fellas never leave
The story goes as it unfolds we wear it on our sleaves

Slowly,how i start to remember
fully, the extent that id let her
hold me, if she falls ill catch her
go no now no i can do better

the girls are always dancin'to the rythm of the drum
as i strum along on a guster song they take their sohts of rum
while we pregame for the evenin always danin always singing
all is well tonight in the bright moonlight we bless someone to be living

I feel like lonley's just a place
a little in between your heart and her faith
17 miles to home, and still not aring from your telephone
funny how they never call when you need it the most
so to you i propose this toast
heres one to you
heres one to me
heres one to
and heres one to the trees that help us breathe
Track Name: Little Bit Harder (ft. JDPTheFuture)
Going back and I wanna be strong
'Cause I can't go back on what I've done wrong
And I know I can never be the same
I could never be the same
All in the same way
'Cause when you try as harder as I do
I know I'll never be as brave as you
'Cause I can't look back
I won't look back
'Cause it'd get me off my track
And I'll try just a little bit harder
Go back and I'll try to be smarter
I know it can never be the same
I can never be the same 'cause of what you did that day
And I'll try just a little bit harder
Go back and I'll try to be stronger
Lord knows when I look at you it won't ever be with the same eyes again
Times they change but they never re-arrange
All those lose ends you've kept rising up against
And I know I could never be that lame
I would never that lame
All in the same way
'Cause when you tried
as hard as I did
I knew I never be weighed that stupid
Cause I can't look back, I won't go back
'Cause it'd send me off my track
First off, you know its your fault, don't take what I'm saying with a grain of salt. Promise that I'm changing my ways and I pray to the lord every day that the change gets made. I'm trying harder now in everything I do. I wanna be somebody not with someone like you, cause your sweet as sugar and you smell like a rose, just gaze inside to the windows of my soul. Your eyes won't lie when the truth gets told, how could you be so damn hollow and cold? 'cause I can't look back I can't go back, cause it get me off my track

Track Name: Psychonaut
loaded backs, backpacks stuffed with reels
Track Name: Reno
Oh it all started slow the way it usually goes
With a bottle of tequilla and a paper full of dro
Sitting on a roof with nothing more than time

Strumming singing spitting and loving how we livin
Remaniscing about listening to ladies who were bitching
About how all we did was sit and watch the time

Why can't we just up and leave?
Take with us the best of the city
Leave and find a piece of west coast mind

oh they got me down in reno, they got me towards the city
and when i got back I said, "Low, why you gotta be doing me like that?"

When we tried to find our broken lives
We found ourselves trapped in New Jersey dive
Drunk on a drink we didn't think existed
Got off the floor and looked to door
Found nothing outside but an east coast sight
Made a change now life seems right

Why can't we just up and leave
Take with us the best of the city
Leave and fin da piece of that west coast mind
Track Name: Musical Healing (ft. JDPTheFuture)
You see I rock it down these shady streets
With my man JDP, swift killing the beats
I feel freaky like Robin Leach
And if you know who that be, you'd be laughing at me
I don't feel that understated
'Cause my words got fast like they automated
I got a answer to every statement
Just try me, go on, ask me anything
Why we gotta be hating each other
When we got 8 reasons to hate that octo-mother?
News is news and booze is booze
'Cause they both fill your heat to make you confused
Green is green now that I can see
I wanna live to give my children a tree
But this epic fall I just can't see, why would you want to believe in a tragedy?
When I get these feelings this music is my healing
Well if you're bored, don't worry I'll make it no more. You don't know what the hell we've got in store. Gonna try to rid the mind of all the hate, cause we can change anytime but we accept our fate. Don't be fake just take a hold of yourself. Feel the music inside and put your stress on the shelf and just indulge in the melody we bring, like a gift from above when we collab on the scene. I'm talking about JDP and that acousticriffer, if you're hatin' on us man I beg you to differ. 'Cause all we trying to do is just to rid our minds of all the evil that surrounds us in our current times. I'm trying to lace these rhymes with real talk and not to end up on the streets outlined in chalk. So we're just releasing all these unwanted feelings, we'll stay depending on this musical healing
When I get these feelings, this music is my healing
Track Name: Cigarettes & Gin
She asked me slowly
Baby what makes you tick?
I said I don't know, but I think it has something to do with cigarettes and gin

she sighed I don't wanna be such a lonely lady
but you make feel like im fucking crazy

She said "Forget about me"
Close your mind and forget about me
Oh how I tried
Oh ill give you something to dream about, sing about, to think about

Slowly whispered in my ear
"baby im not that great"
I turned to her said look now girl I've never thought much of such a silly trait
She kept her eyes to mine, and to my eyes she sang
You're certainly not a perfect person but you are a pretty good man

Through puffs of a stogie she goes slowly through her hair
The picture seems holy if only she could just see herself there
I'd never convince her to stay that extra week
and she'd never say why the things i tried just couldn't be what she needed from me
Track Name: disco triscuit
its all about the scene, man.
Track Name: Freak (ft. JDPTheFuture)
xWell rats on me cause I can't ever speak of anybody who sleeps like she did
Like a rock in my bed she didn't give me respect the dirty things that she said would make your face turn red
then she said

Oh what a night
i told her baby your right
Ive never seen such a fight to get my clothes off
start a stumbling fall down dirty city walls marked up with galant calls they make the ladies thralled
I asked her where she was from
she told me don't play dumb, im here to just have fun so lets get this thing done
She took me home to her place, she barely saw my face I couldn't keep the pace
once she got me faced
she said you wanted a freak so i gave you the freak
she said dont let nobody know im married in a week
i told her honey, honey, honey I don't know if I can do this
'Cause I don't know your man but I bet he would be pissed

I drank like 15 beers, I've waited all these years, to get a girl like you and then you disappear? Well you aint went nowhere, you're still with me right here...but if you're man finds out, bet he'd be pissed about, the fact we both got down a week before those vows. I never saw no ring, so how could I find out? That you were someone's girl, the rock in someone's world, find me when you're divorced, then pretty lady baby you can be my girl

Track Name: Life Comes At You Silently (ft. Benji)
Life comes at you silently of that you can be sure
The faces of all the places you once toured
Going back to anything can always have its lure
But we must see that destiny aint sure

We'll watch the pendulum swing
The grains of salt are diminishing
and time is going back to where it was
and all those glory days
they wont amount to anything
oh how the mighty fall without their days

Prophecies and philosophies predicting possibilities
restricting how you listened to your thoughts
lifting all these drifting minds
through fields of trees relinquished lies
and i am losing everything i knew
Track Name: As Good As You (ft. Haaanah)
Be it the mountains high in Peru
Or out on the ocean Pacific blue
Living my life how I wanted to
It still wouldn't be just as good as you
'Cause when you leave, you leave a hole where you stepped
And I'm left standing down deep in it
'Cause even if I got everything that I wanted to
It still wouldn't be just as good as you
It still wouldn't be just as good as you
Whenever I love now, I keep you in mind
You taught me to be patient, sweet, honest & kind
Whatever it is my life ends up bringing me to
It still wouldn't be just as good as you
A millionaire banking on a soul to squeeze
Spending my summers, drinking up Tuscany
The sun hides behind a hill and I'd feel the breeze
Still I'd want you and hope that you'd want me
'Cause I've been dreading this day for a long, long time
If you're gone, who is gonna get my time?
I don't want it.